The Cove Lakeside Resort

Location: Southernmost point of West Kelowna; straight south of West Kelowna Yacht Club in Gellatly Bay.

The Cove is West Kelowna’s premiere resort. Elegant rooms, spacious patio, and temporary moorage for visitors are a few things that separate The Cove from the rest. Upon arriving at the marina, The Cove’s dock staff will make sure that you are in the right stall and tied up properly before you head up to The Bonfire Restaurant. The Bonfire is a great place to take in a nice meal, they feature many dishes using ingredients grown in the Okanagan as well as produce from their own private garden.

Hotel Eldorado

Location: 3km south of the W.R. Bennett Bridge in Kelowna’s Mission.

Hotel Eldorado has been a landmark in Kelowna since the 1920’s. They are another one of the full service options in Kelowna as well as one of our rentals launch sites. The patio restaurant offers some of the best take out as well as a great dining atmosphere on their boardwalk. The “El” also offers a gas bar. This area can be a little hectic at times because of the launch and gas bar but offers services that can make or break your boating experience.

Shelter Bay Marina

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Location: West end of W.R. Bennett Bridge; South side.

Shelter Bay Marina is another place for you to stop by and top up the tank. The area is likely to be slightly less busy than Eldorado but still be prepared to contend with a bit of water traffic. The new gas dock is the only marina on Okanagan Lake that offers gas and diesel.

Downtown Kelowna Marina

Location: 1km north of W.R. Bennett Bridge; Downtown Kelowna at “The Sails” (Bernard Ave. and Abbott St.)

Many shops and downtown restaurants are only a short walk away if you decide you need a quick stop in the Kelowna area. The dock at the Downtown Kelowna Marina now offers temporary moorage at different and is open to the public.

Traders Cove

Location: 7km north of W.R. Bennett Bridge.

Traders Cove is a little known regional park that is an ideal place to spend an afternoon. With buoys lining the bay it offers a good place to tie up, kick back, and enjoy the scenery. The park offers two swimming areas, a gazebo, and multiple barbecues making it a choice spot for locals and tourists alike. This is a good reference point for boaters in that if one travels any more north they will likely find less boats and calmer waters.

Lake Okanagan Resort

Location: 20km North of W.R. Bennett Bridge on the Westside of Lake Okanagan.

In making the rounds in the north end of Lake Okanagan there is one point of interest that is completely unique in what it offers. Lake Okanagan Resort has amenities to suit any person’s needs. The resort features restaurants, tennis courts, an executive golf course, and a spa. If spending time at the north end of the lake, Lake Okanagan Resort also offers a gas bar to help get the boat back home.