Tube Rentals

The most popular choice when it comes to our selection of water toys is the double tube. The reason why this is the most rented item is because it does not take to much space.

There is two types of single tubes: one you sit in and the other you lay on your belly. Both of the single tubes can only take one person at the time and this would make it go much faster than a double or triple tube but the drawback is that you wont have the same social experience as with the other two. It is also worth mentioning that it is also a bit uncomfortable compared to the bigger ones.

The next level tube is the double tube, the only downfall with this tube is that you would have to be two people just because of the equal weight have to balance when sitting in it. This and the triple tube are our most popular tubes.

We also have the triple tube and the positive on this tube is that you can ride one, two or three person on this tube. It is also very stable on the water so it doesn’t roll over easily. The Negative must be that it is very big- you could always empty the air out of it when you are done for easy storage.

Price for up to 8 hours rental is $40 with one of our boats,

*Our stock does vary depending of damages and such.