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Sea doo rental on Okanagan Lake.Sea Doos or jet skiis as many call them, is a great way to have fun on the water both for adults and kids. Our Sea Doos take up to three people and since we have two of them there is room for the whole family to go out.

The saddle have a narrows hourglass-style so it will not force your legs wide and allow you to take some of the stress off the upper body. The passengers seat is a raised platform for a better forward view.

Sea Doos are very stable on the water and can give you the same calm as a boat ride or if you are looking for speed they are a lot of fun to. Keep the stern anchored with a trailing outside foot, and you can shred the turns like a racer. The hull also handles rough water with ease. In fact, I’ve seen some experienced riders choose it over flagship models for ocean riding. The top speed on the 130 GTI is around 100km an hour.

The Sea Doo is very easy to maneuver even though you have never been riding one before. The driving function is forward, neutral and reverse there is a break function on them as well. iBR uses a modified reverse bucket to redirect water flow. At slow speeds, redirecting that flow gives the craft the feel and response of forward, neutral and reverse gears. The water craft starts up and stays stationary when you first fire it up at the dock or ramp. iBR also works as a brake when underway at speed. Pull the lever and the bucket drops below the hull, acting almost like a parachute to rapidly slow the craft. At lower speeds, thrust kicks in to add further stopping power. Before you go out we go through how to operate the machine so that you feel safe and confident on the water.

If you fall off there is a reboarding ladder on the back that makes reboarding from the water a lot easier and quicker.

Since it is a 3 person water craft and it have a powerful enough engine you can tube after it. Since there have to be a spotter and a driver for safety reason a single tube would be the best option.

The Sea Doo usually goes out for an hour or two but we have options for longer rentals as well.