Surfing behind a boat with Kelowna Boat Rentals

Wakesurfing is a water sport in which a rider trails behind a boat, riding the boat’s wake, without being directly pulled by the boat.
You get up on the wake, typically using tow rope to pull you out of the water. More advanced riders will start on the swim platform with their board resting on the edge and once the boat is up to speed the rider will ease themselves back until the find the “sweet spot” of the wave. Once the sweet spot is found the rider can let go of the rope and continue to surf hands free. In general wakesurfing is done by using special boards, designed specifically for wakes. Wake surfs range from 4’6 – 6′ whereas surfboards for the ocean range from 6′ – 12′.
The boats that are preferred are tournament boats, which are inboard ski boats with direct drives as the propeller is under the boat, it is nearly impossible for the rider to make contact with the propellor. These boats are also made so that you can hold extra ballast systems, such as water, lead weights, concrete, or other heavy objects in different sections of the boat in order to weigh the boat down and create a larger wake. The ideal wake for surfing is created by positioning people and ballasts throughout the boat with the majority of the weight being in the back and on the side that is being surfed. The deeper the boat sits in the water the bigger and better the wake. When surfing, you only need to travel at about 12 mph making it very laid back and fun for all ages!

Beside the technical aspect (and most importantly) this sport is just a lot of fun when you get the hang of it suited for all ages and it really is not as hard as it seems.

I have gotten this off Wikepedia:

Many riders perform a wide array of maneuvers or specifically-named ‘tricks’ while wakesurfing, with most owing their origins to surfing, skating (both vert and street) and snowboarding, Some of the most well-known tricks are:

Pumping – Turning up and down the face of the wake to gain speed.
Stalling – Applying pressure to your back foot to slow down or “stall”.
Floater – When a rider and board “floats” on top of the wake.
Lip slide – Just like a floater, but the board is sideways.
Spray – Gouging into the face of the wake to create the water under you to explode and spray.
Fire Hydrant – Placing one hand on the board and taking your front foot off.
Posing – Doing hand and body positions while riding for cool style points.
Hang 5 – Rider extends front foot (toes) over front of board.
Rail Grabs – Grabbing the board’s rail while the board is on the wake – one or both hands.
Cutbacks – Bashing off the lip of the wake with the board – the more extreme and risky the better.
Paddle back in – Going to the extreme rear of the wake, throwing down on the board and paddling back into the power zone. This can also be done by pulling the outside rail of the board to bring it back to the power zone.
Tubing It – Throwing down on the board and sliding back into the tube until covered up the deeper the better, and then popping out and standing back up on the board.
Switch Stance – Riding with the opposite foot forward.
180 spin – Spinning 180 on the wake – Board and rider spin.
Airs – Launching off the lip with board into the air and landing back on the wake (toeside or heelside).
One Hand Grab Air – Grabbing one rail of the board while the board is airborne above the wake.
Double Grab Air – Grabbing both rails of the board while the board is airborne above the wake.
Hang 10 – Rider extends both feet (toes) over end of board.
360 spin – Spinning 360 on the face of the wake – Board and rider spin.
540 spin – Rider spins continuously 1 1/2 times until he is riding switch stance forward.
Rider spins continuously 2 complete 360′s.
Air 180 – Doing an air while spinning 180 the blind direction.
180 air – Doing and air and spinning a 180 in the air and landing in with a switch stance.
180 shove it – Spinning just the board 180 under your feet and landing with the board “backwards”.
900 spin – Rider spins continuously 2 1/2 times until he is riding switch stance forward.
360 shove it – Same as a 180 but you spin the board a full 360 under your feet. Note: rider does not spin only the board spins.
Big Spin – Same as a 360 shove it, only the rider spins a 180 at the same time the board does a 360.


Boating season 2018 has started

This season has started early for us here at Kelowna Boat Rentals, on April 26th with 25-27 degrees we couldn’t say no to all the calls for boat rentals.
This is our absolute favorite time of year in Kelowna! Nature is blooming, birds are singing and people are reminded that summer is just around the corner. We have to admit even though it shows 27 degrees, the water still may be a bit cold but that is not always is needed for a great day on the water. Water sports are not always necessary for a good time, sometimes cruising around on the water, listening to tunes, and just enjoying the fresh air and spectacular clear skies is enough.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call about an potential future boat rental, we are more than happy to answer any questions you would have or just to simply book your day on the water.

3 Ways to keep cool this weekend in the Okanagan

3 Ways to keep cool this weekend in the Okanagan

With the temperature set to be reaching the low 30’s in Kelowna this weekend for the first time in a while we thought it was only appropriate to layout some fun and useful ways to keep cool when the weather gets hot!

Pontoon on water


A pontoon boat rental is the best way to get all your friends and family together for an unforgettable time exploring the Okanagan. While on your pontoon tour you will see unparalleled views of iconic Okanagan landmarks such as Mission Hill Winery, Rattlesnake Island, and the W.R Bennett Bridge. Luckily the pontoon boat offers plenty of shade during the day, but if one is still unable to beat the heat, one can simply jump over the edge of the boat and be immersed in the all encompassing lake!


Tubing in the Okanagan behind a powerboat is one of the most exhilerating ways to keep cool on a hot summer day. Whether you are pushing the limits of the boat, or putting yourself in a more comfortable lounging position, the tube offers something for everyone young or old. One can stay dry if they want to, but as long as the temperature stays up it is more than likely that the rider will find themselves in the water. The tube rider is in the hands of the boat driver, as long as two parties are on the same page, a good time is guaranteed for all!

Water ski

Nothing says committing to getting wet like water skiiing. More often than not, it starts in the water and ends in the water. Again, the person driving the boat and the person being towed need to work together to make this work. It may appear quite challenging, but as long as the driver has the skier lined up and ready when the throttle is dropped, the skier will be out of the water in no time with hair flowing in the wind and a smile on their face! Instructions on how to get out of the water on skis to follow.

Boat Launches Kelowna

Boat Launches Kelowna

Summertime is upon us in Kelowna and people will be coming from near and far to enjoy Lake Okangan in this beatiful valley. As people make pilgrimages to the water, many boaters are asking the question, “Where do I launch my boat?”. Luckily for them there are plenty options on both the East and Westside of Lake Okanagan. Below we are going to highlight the three most popular yet accommodating boat launches in Kelowna and West Kelowna.

Gellatly Bay Boat Launch

Approaching the dock in Gellatly Road

Ready to launch in West Kelowna

Ready to launch in West Kelowna

West Kelowna is serviced by one Boat Launch located at the West Kelowna Yacht Club at 4111 Gellatly Road. The ramp has free parking, maintains a steady flow, and has numerous docks to tie your boat to while you park your truck and trailer. For overall satisfaction Kelowna Boat Rentals ranks this boat launch as the best place to get your boat in the water.

Ramp – With the recent addition of the fourth lane.

Vehicle Parking – If you are looking to park for free all day this is your best bet.

Flow – Logistically speaking, this launch has the largest staging area as well as a convenient exit which leaves the ramp clear most of the time.

Mooring Space –  There are floating docks lining both sides of the launch which makes it extremely convenient for temporary moorage while parking trailers.


In Kelowna, the boat launch that serves the South Kelowna and Mission is the Cooke Road Boat Launch located at 500 Cooke Road, or adjacent to the Hotel Eldorado. This Boat launch has a reputation of being very busy with many boaters showing limited experience. Parking is available at the boat launch with daily parking for $5 per spot or $10 for truck and trailer. Mission Creek also reaches the water here and this past year silt deposits have narrowed the waterway seperating the launch from the Lake. This silt deposit has also taken the launches longest dock our of use leaving minimal point for boaters to moor their boats while parking trailers.


The Water Street Boat Launch is located at 1354 Water Street adjacent to the Delta Grand Hotel and the Kelowna Yacht Club. Parking can be difficult to find downtown on certain days, especially with a trailer, but this contributes to the smoothest flowing boat launches in Kelowna. This Launch is ideal for anyone staying in the downtown area and that is not concerned about finding parking. For the true Kelowna experience this is the Boat Launch to start your voyage.

This weekend

This weekend

kelowna boat rentals

We snapped this picture yesterday and it is not to often we have both boats simultaneously at the same boat launch. This is at gellatly boat launch in west kelowna.

There is a lot of things happening this weekend but unfortunately it doesn’t seem like the weather wants to be with us. It is not bad I guess, it’s just not great to be kelowna;)

weather kelownaThat doesn’t stop people to enjoy kelowna boat rentals or the music this weekend. We stopped by center of gravity yesterday and it seemed to be packed and music was pumping. Hopefully it will warm up  a little bit for all the party people.

An alternative way to enjoy the music is from a boat since the concerts is right by the water:)

Here is some more info about the happenings for those who are interested