Summertime is upon us in Kelowna and people will be coming from near and far to enjoy Lake Okangan in this beatiful valley. As people make pilgrimages to the water, many boaters are asking the question, “Where do I launch Read More

We snapped this picture yesterday and it is not to often we have both boats simultaneously at the same boat launch. This is at gellatly boat launch in west kelowna. There is a lot of things happening this weekend but Read More

This is an incredible place to visit! The lake is emerald green every summer and the reason for that is the limestone deposits left by the receding glaciers. When the lake warms up the limestone dissolves and  and crystallize  giving Read More

We sent the glastron off today and we’re able to get a shot of it as we crossed the bridge. West Kelowna Boat Rentals can deliver a boat to your location within 15 minutes. Guaranteed to beat the competition to Read More

Our main man Alex (seen here giving instructions to our customers), ensures that everyone who heads out on the water with Kelowna Boat Rentals is 100% confident and competent before sending them off:) Kelowna Boat Rentals ensures that all water Read More