Cook Road (Free Delivery)

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In Kelowna, the boat launch that serves the Mission or South Kelowna area is the Cooke Road Boat Launch. Located at 500 Cook Road, adjacent to the Hotel Eldorado, this boat launch has a reputation of being very busy due to its proximity to many boat owners as well as its use by Aqua Marine Valet. Parking is available at the boat launch with daily parking for $5 per spot or $10 for truck and trailer. Mission Creek also reaches the water here and this past year silt deposits have narrowed the waterway seperating the launch from the Lake. This silt deposits have also taken the launches longest dock out of use leaving minimal points for boaters to moor their boats while parking trailers.

Cook Rd Boat Launch is sometimes called Eldorado Marina or Lakeshore Rd. Boat launch. It is located at:

500 Cook Road
Kelowna BC


Ramp – Four lanes, but two (south side) water lanes are currently interrupted by a silt deposit making one lane nearly obsolete.

Vehicle Parking – This launch offers an abundance of parking all day for $5-10.

Flow – This launch offers a moderate sized staging area that is constantly supervised and enforced by city parking officials, be sure to move quickly and stay with your vehicle to avoid warnings and potential tickets..

Mooring Space – The largest dock has been closed for the season leaving one small floating dock to service four lanes.