Fintry Provincial Park

by | Boat Launches, Locations

7389 Fintry Delta Rd
Kelowna BC
V1Z 3V2

For those looking to get away from the busy boating scene in Kelowna, Fintry is the ideal place for peaceful boating and exploration. Fintry is a 30 minute drive away from downtown Kelowna and is in a great location for many tourist attractions in the area. Fintry boat launch is location on the outskirts of Fintry Provincial Park which is a great location to hike and explore.

A couple of important landmarks around Fintry includes Lake Okanagan Resort and Bear Creek Provincial Park, which is a short boat ride from Fintry boat launch. Lake Okanagan Resort is a very beautiful and popular location within the entire Okanagan, which offers a docking station for boaters to rest and indulge in the resort’s on-site country club / restaurant for lunch.